Christmas Eve Shenanigans | Blogmas Day 24

Christmas Eve was very exciting this year! We have an annual party at our house every year with lots of our friends. So straight away in the morning, we were preparing the dining room with wonderful spreads of food! The house smelt amazing! Then we had to dash off as I was in a show at 1 o’clock that my parents, sister and grandparents were all coming to watch. When I arrived at the theatre we did Secret Santa, where I received a giant teddy bear! I also got a Ted Baker body spray from one of the other ensemble … Continue reading Christmas Eve Shenanigans | Blogmas Day 24

SECRET SANTA |Blogmas Day 23

I have done 2 secret Santa’s this year! One with everyone in my class and the other with the cast and crew at Panto. There are many different versions of playing secret Santa, but in both games we went for the classic ‘pick a name out of the hat to buy for’. In my class there are only 8 of us, so we made the budget £10. However for the Panto we made it £5. In my class I got a girl called Lois. Lois gets the tube home with me after school and can never find her headphones. So … Continue reading SECRET SANTA |Blogmas Day 23