All Over!|Blogmas Day 24

Even though it is New year’s Eve And these posts were meant to be up by Christmas I have actually done them all! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did! Today was our last day at the theatre for the Panto, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I had an amazing time and loved every single person who was a part of it. Thank you to all those who came along and I hope you all loved it just as much as we loved performing it! It’s been a crazy Christmas but I am a year … Continue reading All Over!|Blogmas Day 24

Good Present Bad Present|Blogmas Day 21

Good present bad present is an alternative to secret santa which can be played with a £1 budget or a £50 budget. The game is loads of fun either way. I have played it twice now and have had a laugh both times. The first time we did it there was just over 20 of us and today I did it with 6. These are the rules I know and there will obviously be other versions but I thought I would share the way I have been doing it. Aim of the game: Everybody who is playing should bring in (following … Continue reading Good Present Bad Present|Blogmas Day 21

What it’s really like to be born at Christmas|Blogmas Day 19

What its like to be born at Christmas My birthday is the 26th of December. Aka boxing day. And all the time i get asked: “whats it like?!” and i always answer with the response: “whats it like to be born in May, I have never known any difference. So for all those people i propose a list of good and bad things about being born at Christmas. Bad: 1. People ask too many questions…haha! LOLLLLLLLLLL 2. You sometimes get 1 present “mixed” for your birthday and Christmas. 3. You don’t have enough time to ask for things you didn’t … Continue reading What it’s really like to be born at Christmas|Blogmas Day 19