Christmas Eve Party-Blogmas Day 24

It’s been so much fun blogging daily. We have had a few rocky moments like when my laptop crashed and when I was phone less! But it has been great! I will definetly be posting more regularly! I want to put out a special thanks to those readers who have followed this blogmas. And a huge hello to my readers in America and Canada. It’s crazy that you are reading it from so far away! Today I had a show then my Iphone came! I’m so happy! I got the 6s in gold. Not rose gold because It was more … Continue reading Christmas Eve Party-Blogmas Day 24

First Day Of the Holidays!-Blogmas Day 14

I can’t believe christmas is so close! I have waited all year for December and its already almost gone. I think because I was thinking about it so much that now its here its kind of like I didn’t expect it… I also think because my birthday and christmas are in 2 days of each other and I have wait so long for something to celebrate that I wish for it all year. I always think about if I was to get married I could have the ceremony on December 27th or Christmas Eve! But finally, I am off for my … Continue reading First Day Of the Holidays!-Blogmas Day 14