Gift Guide: Cheap Perfumes & Sprays|Blogmas Day 6

I have never owned an expensive perfume or spray because I have way more important things to spend my money on and also I seem to change what I wear every day and I like to have a selection. So I thought I would share with you my favourites from my collection as they would make good gifts for Christmas and birthday’s. In case you were wondering I keep these on the top of my alex 9 drawers set from Ikea! 1. Sugar Rose – Zara This is my go to scent! The packaging has changed into a different bottle (this … Continue reading Gift Guide: Cheap Perfumes & Sprays|Blogmas Day 6

Hair Cut Disaster|Blogmas Day 5

If you have been around for a long time you will know that earlier this year I had a big change where I had a lot of my hair cut off. You can see this post at New hair! Since then I have had 1 hair cut where I had my dip dye re-done, but that was only a trim. I really love having long hair as personally I think it suits me way better. I do a lot of dance and need to have my hair up for safety reasons. Even though I thought I like the new hair when it … Continue reading Hair Cut Disaster|Blogmas Day 5