Top Spotify Playlists

I couldn’t sleep one night last week and I knew I had a long car journey the next day so I decided to create and add to my spotify playlists.

I have Spotify premium, as I get the train everyday to school I end up listening to a lot of music. I swear by it.

My name is Holly Strawson on Spotify if you want to find me.

Here Are All My Playlists and a general gist of whats in each of them!

1. Road Trip

Beltyyyyyy songs you can scream in the car. Everything from Houston to Frozen , Macklemore to Adele.

2. The Styles

Just all of the mighty Harry Styles.

3. Felton

Just all of the mighty Tom Felton.

4. 10/10

A small playlist of my absolute favourite songs!

5. EDD

from old school Ed Sheeran too the newest!

6. 27 Tattoos

One direction, named after my very favourite One Direction lyrics “I can’t compete with your boyfriend, he’s got 27 tattoooooooooos” from “I Would”.

7. $10 Founding Father

The entire Hamilton soundtrack.

8. Back in the Day

As I always have to remind Dad, when I saw back in the day I mean back in my day, like early 2000’s!

9. Glory Glory

Chas and Dave songs created for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

10. Mighty Musicals

Every musical sing along you can think of. One of my favourite playlists.

11. Childhood Themes

The theme songs for my favourite childhood programmes to give me all the feels.

12. Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Chhrrriiissssttttttttmmmaaaaaaasssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. Mr.Walt Disney

All of my fav disney song’s 🙂

I also have quite a few private playlists but they are just playlists of songs from various shows I’ve done that I used while in rehearsal. They are also quite nice to look back on every now and again.

If you have any cool spotify playlists feel free to comment the below so we can all discuss music!

H x







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