A-Z of Me

I watched an A-Z video by Simone Biles the incredible American gymnast and thought this would be a brilliant idea to do on this blog! Im sorry (not sorry) to say that a lot of these are Harry Potter related!

Anthony Boyle – My favourite actor!

Bolognese – my favourite dish (with spaghetti of course!)

Christmas – because its just brilliant, and its my birthday.

Disneyland – Where I can be 4 again!

Edinburgh – One of my favourite places

Film – Where I hope to pursue my ‘technician’ career one day

Gryffindor – My Hogwarts house (*cough* best house *cough*)

Harry Potter – my favourite book, film and world.

Internet – something I can’t live without

J.K.Rowling – the author of Harry Potter, my escapism

Krispies – Along with some cornflakes, best breakfast ever…

Love Island – because I am current obsessed!

Miriam – my best friend  ❤

NASA – I loved astronauts as a lil kiddo!

One Direction – I was quite in love with them…

Pirates – Always wanted to be a pirate

Quality – for my quality banter … jk 🙂

Reading – I love to read…mainly Harry Potter

Spurs – Im a Tottenham Hotspur fan

Tom Felton – One of my favourite actors/musicians/humans

Uggs – I live in mine throughout Autumn/Winter

Vinyl – For my love of music records and my pop vinyl collection

Wales – Im half welsh

X-ray’s – I’m always injuring myself…

Youtube – I watch quite a lot of videos

Zoo – I love zoo’s 🙂

I Would love to read all of your A to Z’s. Please comment below if you have done one/do one!

I always restarted my twitter for this blog under a new name of @hollysterblog. My personal twitter is @hollystrawson if you are interested!

H x


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