Cursed Child Cast Change- A thank you

Today is the day, the original cast of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ in London’s Palace theatre, changes to let a new team take on their roles.

I saw it last October and again in March and was entirely inspired by the amazing acting of the cast. Scorpius was so great, even when I read the play but Anthony Boyle’s portrayal of him was incredible. I fan grilled like crazy when he favourited my tweet to him and I am so excited to see what amazing things he goes on to do.

The first time I saw it, the Albus Potter was played by Tom Mackley who I thought did an amazing job and was just so good at acting. But the next time I saw the original Albus, Sam Clemmett, who had such a real chemistry with Scorpius on stage and it was just beautiful to watch.

I followed Cherrelle Skeete who played Rose Granger-Weasley on instagram after seeing her on stage and I can tell how much of an amazing human she is. I just want to be her friend!

I could go on and on about how amazing each actor and actress was in the original cast and I hope one day that my acting will lead me somewhere as amazing as this show.

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