What’s In My Bag|Spring Edition

For my birthday back in December I was lucky enough to get my dream handbag! My  mum chose the colour and I absolutely love it! So I thought it was time I did another What’s In My Bag!


DKNY Purse – £35 (second-hand designer shop)

Diary – $4 (Typo)

Lanyard for my Oyster Card – (Harry Potter and the Curse Child)

The clear Jack Wills bag came with lip balms in it but I use it for a medicine bag!


My sunglasses are Ray Bans and I got them in a cute little shop in Italy!


My bag comes with a cute little strap that you can attach your keys too! I really love this little feature as It just makes them so easy to find! I put a picture up on instagram of my keys awhile back, but here they are again. I have a muggle worthy jeering from platform 9 and 3/4, a Hedwig key ring from a mystery packet in Target, my locker key and house keys!

Usually there is a lot more junk in there too, haha! Hope you liked this, it was a bit short but feel free to check out my other whats in my bags!


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