I Saw The Cursed Child Again!


For one of my Christmas presents from my parents, they surprised me with tickets to go and see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child again! I was so happy and couldn’t wait to go and see it. When finally, they day came.

The news came out that the cast is changing in May, and when I last went I saw the understudy of Albus but the main Scorpius Malfoy (Anthony Boyle). So knowing I was going to have another chance to see the original cast altogether was super exciting.

My sister and mum went to see it a couple of weeks ago as they couldn’t get 4 tickets all together and they saw both parts on the same day. They got to see the original Albus (Sam Clemmett) but the understudy of Scorpius. Scorpius was my favourite character so it’s a shame they didn’t get to see the same one we did. So I was quite anxious to go as I wanted to see the original cast before they changed. We gave these tickets to my mum and sister so they could go in the stalls like we did the first time.

I went with my dad, who came with me last time, as these seats were in the grand circle and last time we were in the stalls.  It was exciting to be seeing it from a different angle. So after school on Thursday, I quickly came home to get changed before heading straight out into town. When we arrived, we collected the tickets but the theatre didn’t open till 6:30pm so we went to have an Italian around the corner.

I brought a couple of bits at the merchandise stand, I’ll do another post on that if you want to see what I got 🙂 Our seats were so cool and as dad and I had a lot of fun while waiting for the show to begin, talking about bits we wanted to particularly watch out for that amazed us the last time.

I was super happy to see that it was going to be all done by the original cast. As I’m not going to be able to see that cast again it really made this experience even more special to me. The first act was amazing and nothing about being up high made it any less entertaining.

I thought I would put this is even though it’s a bit random, but the bars are always full during the interval so I would recommend getting your drinks before or pre-ordering for the interval.

After Part 1 we headed back towards the train station with what felt like the entire theatre, it was busy. But it was so exciting to think that I would be coming back the next day for more!

Part 2, the following day, was on my last day of school before the holidays (whoooooop) so I was in non-uniform and we finished early. So I was able to meet dad and go straight into London where we went to the Wagamama’s near by.

We then went to forbidden planet to have a look at the cool merchandise before heading to a shop called Fopp where I brought Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on DVD as it came out this week.

Before part 2, we joined the queue outside so we could get in straight away as there is some extra merchandise that you cannot get at the part 1 show there, I  brought a hoodie that I didn’t know they had the last time I went.

In the interval we made friends with the people next to us who hadn’t seen it before. It was lovely to talk to them and I wish I had done earlier as you spend a lot of time next to them over the 2 days.

The last time I went I cried like so many times throughout the 2 parts but this time I seemed to have held it in until the last act. I will do a post more about the plot at some point but I’m keeping this one spoiler free. But there were a few moments when I saw everybody around me, just in tears.

I was so happy to have been again but so sad that the experience was over as I can’t imagine that I’ll be going again for many, many years… I was still in tears on the train because I was just so happy!

Thank you again to my parents for giving me this amazing present and especially dad for taking me again!


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