Beauty and the Beast|Why I Love Emma Watson!


I can’t get over Emma Watson! And I thought what better way to talk about it than on here! I went to see the new live action re-telling of the traditional disney film ‘Beauty and the Beast’ today with my closest friend and it was amazing. But now watching all the press interviews that the cast have done I am blown away! The amount of detail that went into that movie is incredible.

I know being a big Harry Potter fan may seem like I would obviously fall in love with anything with Emma Watson, but just hearing her talk is inspirational. She puts so much thought into her performance of a character and creating a backstory which makes them who they are. I have never seen anybody so dedicated to a role like this before.

Something I never talk about is reasons why I like Harry Potter other than the story. People never understand why I can love a series so much. But what I love is the people and reasons behind all the books and films. I love to watch behind the scene clips and press interviews about the amazing, talented individuals whose creativity added to the work released. My favourite thing to tell people about the films is that during the filming of Harry Potter: Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were asked to write an essay on their character. Daniel wrote 1 page on Harry. Emma wrote 12+ pages. And Rupert didn’t hand it in saying that Ron wouldn’t have handed it in. I think the fact each of thought about what there character would have done is so funny!

To create the beast for this film Dan Stevens would come in and separately and record just his face to add to the special effects that were created. He wore these tall stilts and still managed to flawlessly waltz around Emma’s beautiful gown!

The whole film and backstory that they gave Belle was beautiful. I will definitely be taking Dad to see it very soon!


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