What’s in my hand luggage?|LA Edition

I haven’t posted on here for a while as all my deadlines for GCSE work has been this past 2 weeks. I also had the expander and big metal parts of my braces removed and its around 8 weeks until my train tracks come off! It is half term now in England and myself and my mum are going out to LA for the week while my dad and sister stay in London, ha! I am super excited as we are going to go to Harry Potter World and if you are new here, I LOVE Harry Potter!

However, I have a big fear of flying and get really anxious while travelling. So to help make the whole process a lot easier, I like to make sure I have absolutely everything that I could need with me for the around 10 hour flight.

I am taking my ted baker suitcase which I got last year for my Mauritius trip. If you would like to see how I organised that leave a comment below! And then I am taking my VS Pink dance bag because it has a long strap and is big enough for my laptop. And then to keep my phone and other various essentials i.e. Boarding card, Passport etc. I am using a small back  pack that I got from Skinny Dip at Topshop.

Before I begin I want to mention that I am writing this a few day’s before I leave so there are bits missing such as chargers, passports etc. I will mention when something is missing but I thought I would just say now!

There are 2 sections to this bag. In the largest compartment will also be my boarding pass, passport, my phone, hand wipes (which I have run out of!) and ear phones!

At the moment I just have my purse from DKNY which I brought from a second-hand designer shop i believe, is called ‘Change of Hearts’. I also have a small purse that mum brought me back from Peru which has my american money in. So far I have like 1 dollar worth of coins!

In the front section I have: Mac lipstick in Velvet Teddy, A carex strawberry lace scented hand gel, vaseline, Vix stick, a sun cream stick and some tissues.


This bag will also include: My electronics, chargers, another book or kindle and probably a snack and some water!


I put some tissues in the outside of this bag because I always need to grab a tissue quick and they are easy access when here!

These are the miscellaneous bit’s inside. I broke my wrist 4 years ago but whoever I am flying it always really hurts so I bring a splint with me just incase. I have chosen to take ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ because I haven’t actually properly read it all. I also have a Harry Potter Quiz book to help teach mum, practise my knowledge and feel Harry Potter-y in general ready for Universal! I also have a purple and pink tangle teaser to help maintain my hair. (Side note: PACK A PEN!).


I have 2 pouches, this one being for beauty. I have: 2 Under eye masks for mum and I to do on the plane, I got these from Oliver Bonas for like £5000000 each, haha! A nail file because the wort thing is breaking a nail on a flight! A Lush bubblegum flavoured lip scrub. An Eos. An Oliver Bonas hand cream in the scent Indian Pomelo which I take EVERYWHERE with me! A sample of a highlighter, glow, thingy from benefit to liven my face up for when I land. And a selection of freebees I have collected, all being face creams and serum for mum and I to use.


The other pouch is for health. I used a clear case that 3 Jack Will’s lip balms came in. Inside is: a travel electric toothbrush, paracetamol, brace wax, antihistamine cream, another vix (hmmmmmm why?… I dunno, I don’t even have a blocked nose! Haha!) and some nurofen.


Lastly in the inside pocket is some random bits: A Dove deodorant, Harry Potter playing cards and some polo’s!

Thank you so much for reading. Follow to see some LA blog posts and I will get back into my Sunday uploads afterwards!

Hollyster xxx












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