In 2016 I…

I did this post last year too. I like to look back over the year to see what I have done. Now, luckily, I have posted on here about all the best moments of my year so it won’t be too hard to recap on! I am not going to put these in any order as I don’t have a favourite moment even though there were definitely some favourites!

  1. Cut of all my long hair
  2. Got braces
  3. Saw myself in the AT2UI movie!
  4. Did a show with Brick City
  5. Went to Hogwarts in the snow and the Warner Bro’s studios
  6. Read the entire Harry Potter Series before the launch of the cursed child
  7. I went to Mauritius for a week
  8. Met a giant tortoise
  9. Went snorkelling
  10. Tea tasted at a tea factory
  11. Went dolphin watching
  12. Did a large end of year show at school
  13. Went to prom
  14. Went on a Road Trip camping and staying in youth hostels all the way up to ScotlandWent to the Edinburgh festival
  15. Where I began my ever on going pop vinyl collection!
  16. Went to DISNEYLAND PARIS!!!!
  17. Stayed in Brighton
  18. Saw Jesus Christ Superstar at the open air theatre
  19. Went to the Philosopher’s stone 15th anniversary at the Studio Tours
  20. And spent my entire year savings at the gift shop…
  21. Saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2!!!!!!! AHHHHHH
  22. Had a day trip to Whitstable
  23. Saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  24. Saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them again but in 3D
  25. Did Blogmas (even if it went on till like 2020… haha!)
  26. Did Snow White at pantomime!
  27. Go tickets to go to the Cursed Child again
  28. Was completely surprised by tickets for the Philosopher’s stone at the Albert Hall!
  29. Turned 15!
  30. Got a cardboard cut out of Harry Potter
  31. And then I performed the Lord Mayor’s London New Year’s Day Parade

I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and I’m wishing you an even better 2017. It’s crazy looking back over this blog at all the crazy things I have done! You really forget how much you do in the space of a year.

Hollyster x











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