Good Present Bad Present|Blogmas Day 21

Good present bad present is an alternative to secret santa which can be played with a £1 budget or a £50 budget. The game is loads of fun either way. I have played it twice now and have had a laugh both times. The first time we did it there was just over 20 of us and today I did it with 6. These are the rules I know and there will obviously be other versions but I thought I would share the way I have been doing it.

Aim of the game:

Everybody who is playing should bring in (following your budget) 1 good present and one bad present. Examples could be some sweets and then some loo roll. In this game there are 2 rounds. At the end of the first round all the present’s should be gone from the middle and by the end of the second round which ever presents you have in front of you are the ones you take home.


You roll a die to determine what you do with the present’s. If you roll a:

1 = You give away one of your present’s

3 = You take a present off somebody else’s pile and give it to somebody else

6 = You take anybody’s present for yourself

Round 1:

Firstly you must place all your wrapped presents in the centre of you all. In turns roll a dice. If you get a 6 you can take a present from the pile for yourself. This sometimes does take a while so if you want you can say if you roll a 3 you can take a present from the middle and give it to somebody else. You are only taking presents from the middle not each other. As you get a present you can unwrap it and place it in front of you. Go round the circle until all the presents have gone. It doesn’t matter if some people have more or less that the others, or even none at all, because it will all change in the next round.


Round 2:

At the start of the round it is nice to go around to show everyone what you got as when there is a lot of people you can lose track. Time’s the amount of people by 3 and that’s how long you should spend on this round. (Eg: 20 people= 1 hour). I know this many seem like a long time but it goes really quickly as there is a lot of people to get round. In this round you follow the rules of the dice (1,3&6). Go around the circle until the timer ends and all the presents have gone. It’s bit more fun now as you can see all the presents and you know which ones you want.

Present Idea’s:

There are lots of easy ideas for good presents but I find bad presents harder. In this game you can switch it up so that the bad present is in a good box and vis-versa. For example I put a tangerine in a chocolate orange box! I also gave a box full of tissue paper saying inside here is an invisibility cloak!

Have a very Merry Christmas everybody!

H xx






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