Top 3 Christmas Adverts UK|Blogmas Day 20

Im going to jump straight into it and begin my list! In no particular order! :

1. Sainsbury’s 

James Corden is one of my favourite actirs as I love him from Gavin and Stacey and I am so happy he has a big break through these past couple of years. So this advert was made extra special. The song is just so catchy and really funny so is right up in my top 3!


2. Apple

I hadn’t seen this one till today and it was just so sweet. Unlike the John Lewis advert this year, this one actually teared me up. It made me happy and sad at the same time which is just the perfect mix I guess!


3. John Lewis 

Even though it didn’t make mecry it did make me laugh and still does everytime I watch it. It’s the part where it goes silent onto the telephone box and then you see the familys faces! Cracks me up even thinking about it! Haha


Merry Christmas

H x


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