What it’s really like to be born at Christmas|Blogmas Day 19

What its like to be born at Christmas
My birthday is the 26th of December. Aka boxing day. And all the time i get asked: “whats it like?!” and i always answer with the response: “whats it like to be born in May, I have never known any difference. So for all those people i propose a list of good and bad things about being born at Christmas.


1. People ask too many questions…haha! LOLLLLLLLLLL

2. You sometimes get 1 present “mixed” for your birthday and Christmas.

3. You don’t have enough time to ask for things you didn’t get for Christmas.

4. Other people open presents when family come over for YOUR birthday!

5. Everyone has a harder time buying me presents… sorry lol!


1. Your family are (usually) around!

2. You only have to write one thank you card for both of your presents (best thing in my opinion…haha!)

3. You are able to ask for big presents instead of getting too (if you want to).

4. Theres great food in the house.

5. People always remember my birthday!

Sorry for the late posts not been well…

Holly x


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