Panto Time|Blogmas Day 15

It’s 10 days till Christmas and I am spending all my days at the theatre, in panto! It is super exciting and I am having an amazing time! I wanted to share information for the tickets on here so you can know what I am up to!


Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 20.56.50.png

We have had various schools in during this week as I broke up from school last week. The audiences have been good and not so good. The thing with performing to only children and a few teachers is that they often don’t understand when to clap when to stop and how hard it is on stage if the audience are meant to say one thing and say another. But without it the shows would all be exactly the same and we don’t want that. The reason it doesn’t get boring is because things change in each performance.

I always learn a lot from doing these shows and It is my favourite time of the whole year!

Christmas and my Birthday are really not far away at all now! I am so excited and it is even more exciting that I don’t know what I am getting! My parents and my sister are coming to see my show on Christmas Eve before our Church carol service so that’s going to be a lovely day. It is only my sister and parents at home on Christmas Day as the rest of the family are up in Newcastle. But I think it will be lots of fun as we can all play monopoly and have a laugh as we will not all be rushing around trying to find room to play a game!

Merry Blogmas

Holly xxx


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