In Love with Pinterest|Blogmas Day 12

Recently I have been absolutely loving pinterest. And I already know this is going to be a hard post as every time i right pinterest it changes to interest! Haha! But the first thing I’m going to do is link my account here, so you can see all my boards but I am going to show you 1 or 2 of my favourite posts from each board. Credits to all those who created them!

My boards are:


  1. Beauty Bash – Beauty

Inspiration for makeup and nail designs.



2. Dancing In The Rain – Dance

Dance inspiration and funny dancer quotes.


3. Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Christmas

House Details, Present ideas and food recipes.


4. Let’s Get Fit – Fitness

Gym outift’s, Inspirational quotes and workouts.


5. Hair Stuff – Hair

Hair designs, cuts, colours and prom hair.


6. Outfits ❤ – Outfits

Exactly what the name tells you.


7. Dream Bedroom – Bedroom

Bedding, room decor, dressing tables etc.


8. Get Organised – Ideas for Organisation

Pantry, make-up and all places you can organise stuff!


9. The Boy Who Lived – Harry Potter

Harry Potter quotes, funny pictures, memes, fan art, DIY’s and more!


10. Travel Goals – Travelling

Places I want to go to and packing lists.


11. Photography – Filter

Cool ways to edit my pictures and create a theme!


12. Planning Is Key – Filofax and Bullet Journal Ideas

Ideas for beautiful filofax’s, bullet journal’s and diary’s.


13. Autumn ❤ – Autumn

Autumnal outfits and room decor.


14. Theatre Shows 101 – Theatre Shows I have seen

Same as above basically.


15. Ultimate Summer Goals – Summer

Summery pictures and inspiration to go out in summer!



16. Film Club 101 – Films I have seen

Just as the title say’s.


17. Gap year Goals – Gap Year Ideas

Places I want to go to and things I want to do on my gap year!


18. Tats – Tattoo’s

Nice Tattoos (manly Harry Potter…)


19. Bucket List – Things I want to do before I die

A list of things I want to do and places I want to go to before I die.


20. Hollyster Blog – My Blog

Picture from my blog.


21. Heart Melts – My Heart Melts

Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Felton ect………………….


22. The Cursed Child

The Cursed Child quotes, pictures, memes, fan art and more.


23. The Unbreakable Vow – Wedding Goals

(Named after a chapter from Harry Potter) Wedding goals and Ideas for a long way into the future.


24. Metal Through My Ears – Ear Piercing

Nice ear rings and Piercings I want to get.


25. Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts memes and fan art


26. Spade List – Opposite to a bucket list

This board is like the bucket list pictures but of things I have already done so I can look back at what I have achieved.


27. RIP The Potters – Halloween

(Named because Lily and James died on the 31st of October aka Halloween) Manly pumpkin Carving ideas and designs.

And that is it! These are all my boards and I am really proud of them all as they all look so nice!






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