Harry Potter Shelves|Blogmas Day 11

I have been wanting to post this for ages and I thought what better time to do it than now when people are looking for inspiration for presents. So these shelves are up in my bedroom and it is where I keep my harry potter books and some merchandise. It isn’t my entire or complete collection but it is a large amount of it. I will show you what I have from top to bottom. The shelves, I am pretty sure, are the IKEA Billy Bookcase but I’m not 100% sure.


At the very top is where I keep the boxes to my Harry Potter Pop Vinyls, they fit perfectly one on top of the other. Hagrid Box is quite a lot larger but for now its fine up there. On top of that box is 2001 original tin which I have had for ages and next to it is the programme of  pictures from The Cursed Child.img_0884

img_0886On the left hand side of this shelf is my quiddich section where I have: Quiddich through the ages, the 422nd Quiddich world cup programme, a cauldron from halloween, a picture of me on a broom from the Warner Bro’s studio, the quiddich ball set from Waterstones and a pair of Harry Potter Glasses.


On the left is: My full set of the new covers for Harry Potter (apart from the 1st one which is in my handbag), Hermione pop vinyl, Harry Pop vinyl, Hermiones wand box, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the soundtrack to the Philosophers stone, the souvenir bitterer mug from the Warner Brothers studio


This is the right hand side of the middle shelf, I am making this my Fantastic Beast section. So I have: Fantastic beasts and where to find them, FBAWTFT screenplay, FBAWTFT film wizardry, (a broken) Golden egg keyring, Newt with the egg pop vinyl, ticket from the first time I saw the film, an identification card from the film wizardry book, a box of berti botts every flavoured beans, a mini marauders map, selection of harry potter necklaces, a H light for Holly!


On the right hand side is: Harry Potter Film wizardry, HP artefact vault, HP colouring book, HP warner bros studio stamp passport, butter beer ice cream souvenir pot (full of order of the phoenix original merchandise  figures), 2 chocolate frog cards, berti boots every flavoured beans in the film packaging, HP pop vinyl with the golden egg, a picture of me and my family in the car taken at the studio tour.


On the right hand side of the next row is: Hogwarts notebook, HP hermione original 2001 merchandise figure, HP acceptance letter, HP studio tour philosophers stone 15th anniversary badge, Goblet of fire top trumps, a pink pigmy puff, brogan and burgers brochure, Horcrux sticker kit stickers, a post card and brochure from The Elephant Cafe (“Birthplace” of Harry Potter)


On the left hand side is: another butter beer souvenir mug, a Hogwarts school crate (full of various Hp books and there covers, a chocolate frog card and some Harry Potter sweets), Tom Riddles Diary, Harry and the sword pop vinyl, ink and quill, The sticker kit horcrux.


On the left hand side of the last row is my Cursed Child section and is: the mina lima brochure, my gryffindor necklace box, cast programme, some various Cursed Child leaflets, Dementor pop vinyl, chocolate from box (With the chocolate frog still inside), Ministry of magic identification card, Another quill, my tickets from the show, packaging for the badges I got, Warner bros studio tour tickets, HP playing cards


On the right hand side is my full collection of books with the original covers (+ another set of the first 3 books), another philosophers stone 15th anniversary badge, another chocolate frog card, HP goblet of fire pop vinyl, weasleys wizard wheezes brochure.


And this is the complete book case. At the bottom are my school books and folders and really aren’t relevant!

Hope you enjoyed because this too me ages haha!

Holly xx


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