Gift Guide: Cheap Perfumes & Sprays|Blogmas Day 6

I have never owned an expensive perfume or spray because I have way more important things to spend my money on and also I seem to change what I wear every day and I like to have a selection. So I thought I would share with you my favourites from my collection as they would make good gifts for Christmas and birthday’s.

In case you were wondering I keep these on the top of my alex 9 drawers set from Ikea!

1. Sugar Rose – Zara

This is my go to scent! The packaging has changed into a different bottle (this is the new one) and when I thought they stopped selling it I was going to cry but no Its still here!!!


2. Between Us – One Direction

I absolutely love all the one direction perfumes except i’m sure they all smell very similar!


3. Our Moment – One Direction

Other than the Zara sugar rose perfume this is the only other one I have had to re-purchase!


4.  Bake My Day – Zoella

So one of my best friends got me this is a gift set with the hand cream for Chrismas this year and at first I couldn’t smell the gingerbread but now i can and it just so nice!


5. Crescent Bay – Hollister

The smell of this remind me of 2013 and I desperately need a new one, as you can see!


6. Silver Stand Beach – Hollister

This is the new bottles incase you were wondering!


7. Victoria’s Secret Angel – VS

Mum brought me this as a surprise and it is gorgeous!


8. Clinque Happy Heart

I feel like I have had this forever! like ages!! It was a gift for my sisters birthday but she never opened it so I stole it and literally fell in love!


Hope you found this helpful or interesting Xxxx


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