Hair Cut Disaster|Blogmas Day 5

If you have been around for a long time you will know that earlier this year I had a big change where I had a lot of my hair cut off. You can see this post at New hair! Since then I have had 1 hair cut where I had my dip dye re-done, but that was only a trim. I really love having long hair as personally I think it suits me way better. I do a lot of dance and need to have my hair up for safety reasons. Even though I thought I like the new hair when it was cut after they did the dye… I really didn’t. So, the plan was to get my hair cut, so that the gross ends were cut off. But I wanted to keep the blonde dip dye but just dull it down as it was quite yellow.

Ill so you a before and after picture here so you can understand:

Basically now its really dark and short but in some lighy it looks ginger! Im not happy with the salon for doing this as now my entire head has dye on it which i didnt want and is much much shorter but as my dad keeps on telling me… it will grow!

Holly X



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