Biggest Phobia’s|Blogmas Day 4

While watching I’m a celebrity I realised just how bad my fear of eel’s is. Most people have a fear of spiders or height’s but no. Not me. I have some typical and some that aren’t as typical. So I’m going to list some phobias and there proper names! In not particular order…

1. Eels – ?

One of my biggest fears is eels but their isn’t an actual name for it. Because I’m not afraid of snakes but only eels.

2. Cluster or group of small holes – Trypophobia

I came across this when watching the Saccone-Joly’s last year. If you didn’t know that dad of the family, Jonathan, had a hair transplant. He filmed the whole thing and showed us it all afterwards. That basically take hairs from the back of his head a put them in at the front, leaving lots of small holes on the back of his head. Watching it made me feel so sick and weird but I didn’t know why. The next day everybody was saying ” Ahhh I have trypophobia! ” So, curious I googled it and thats when It all went wrong. So DONT GOOGLE IT! (I know half of you will but don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

3. Flying  – Aviophobia or Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia

So my fear isn’t of the concept of flying or being in the air but of the whole being stuck in the same position, being scanned and checked at security and the whole food thing! I get really anxious and scared and ill on the flights which is really scary so flying is a big fear of mine.

4. Big Dogs

Once a big dog chased me so ever since I have had a phobia of big dogs that I don’t know!

Hollyster X











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