Fantastic Beasts Film Wizardry|Blogmas Day 1

I am actually so excited to be doing blogmas on here again. I managed to do it last year but not all posts went up on the right day. I will again try to post daily but it may not end up that way. Whatever happens it will be my mission to post at least some pictures on here every day.

I was going to do an update post and explain everything about what my plans are for over Christmas but then I realised I had ordered this book and I literally drove 30mins to the sorting office to pick it up at like 7:00pm on a school night!

The book is called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was written my Mark Sailsbury and it was designed by MinaLima who did all the artist work for all the Harry Potter Films. They have a museum/shop behind the Palace Theatre and it is actually incredible!

Here is a link to where you can buy this book: click here

Here is a link to a beautiful video and sneak peek for the book: click here

I have spoken on here before about the Harry Potter Film Wizardry in my Potion Bottle DIY post and how amazing it is as there are so many amazing pieces you can pull out of it so I took a few pictures of them along with my Newt Scamander Pop Vinyl and my Fantastic Beasts book.


Hollyster Xxx










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