Top 3 Television Shows ATM

Yesterday I go to go and watch ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ which is the new addition to J.K.Rowling’s Wizarding World and a big thing for those of us who are a part of the Harry Potter fandom. I really loved the film and I was going to put my review up today but I want to spend some more time perfecting what I want to say. So right now while snuggled up in my front room watching the telly I thought I would share with you what my family and I love to watch on these cold evenings.

  1. GoggleBox (Channel 4)

A big favourite in the house hold. Every Friday we look forward to watching the only T.V show we are usually all there to see. As both my sister and I are in shows at the moment it is very rare that we will all be there to watch the telly together on a school night. But Goggle box is just brilliant. We do have some favourite family in our house. Also ones we don’t like as much… I must say that images.jpegimages-2.jpegimages-1.jpegUnknown.jpeg

2. I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! (ITV)

Probably no surprise that ‘I’m A Celeb’ is a big hit here as who doesn’t love it… Well we aren’t so keen on watching the live animals be eaten but at least its not us doing it. This years favourites for us are:

images-3.jpegimages-4.jpegimages-5.jpeg Unknown-2.jpegUnknown-1.jpeg

3. Planet Earth 2 (BB1)

For me anything with David Attenborough is incredible and this is no exception. In every episode they follow about 10 different animal or plants journeys in a particular habit. (I’m watching it right now and Its a bird doing a weird dance in the jungle…). What some of these animals do are just so funny and to be honest thats mainly why I watch it. You will be surprised if you watch it because you would expect a boring documentary but no, its like a comedy show. At the end of each episode they show you about 10 minutes on how they filmed it and it is quite extraordinary! Here are some stills of my favourite bits this series!




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