Update and John Lewis Haul

I didn’t post last week because I didn’t have any posts completely ready and I don’t want to just post things as a fill in. I have been told that my course work for my performing arts is due to be handed in for its first reading in 2 weeks so in literally every spare moment I have been at my test doing research. I want to focus on that at the moment so I might not be posting as often as I would like.

I am planning to do blogmas again this year but as I said I am quite busy at the moment. But that should hopefully happen! I am doing panto again this Christmas but I will do a post on that closer to the time. I have also co-written a Christmas show with 2 of my friends as a part of our performing arts and that will be on, like last year, on the first weekend of December. This Christmas will be my first ever as just My Mum, Dad, Sister and me. I am both excited and nervous for this as what if I hate it and don’t enjoy Christmas?!!!! But then again I might prefer it and have a really fun, family time!

I have began Christmas shopping and last night I wrapped 15 presents. My mum and I spent all morning in John Lewis. We sent everything to be collected so we didn’t have to carry anything. The main reason for this was Mum brought 2 new duvets so the boxes were rather huge and would’ve been really scary to have to carry through the kitchen area past all the china mugs and plates!

While in John Lewis I picked up a few things but I wanted to mention that I got a new face cream set from benefit that was on offer at almost 1/2 price + a 10% discount! I used it last night and really loved it. In a few weeks I will do a proper review or skin care routine with it if I am liking it. But here are the things I got:


I thought inspired my the john lewis advert we would go woodland themed this year.


And here, the star of the show, Buster the Boxer. (watch the advert if you haven’t already!)


So I believe this is an ornament that you pit whatever you want in side and to keep it protected inside is some cellophane. I think it looks like a rememberall from Harry Potter. Don’t you?


This is probably the most Christmasy candle I have ever smelt!


A star for the top of my tree…

Also the most soft hot water bottle ever!!!! Lost my old one so now I have a really Christmasy, snowy one!


And heres a sneak peek at the Benefit set…


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