DIY Harry Potter Potion Bottles

Earlier this year I brought the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book which costs £26.00 and I think it is one of the best things to spend your money on. You don’t just get a large book full of facts and secrets but you also get loads of extra pieces inside.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 21.11.20.png

Such as a mini Marauders map, Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter and a booklet of potion bottle labels. And these are what I used for mine. Although I know you can get print outs online which you can stick on with some double sided sticky tape or glue. None of these we really know what they exactly look likes you can have a bit of a play around with it all!

img_0551For ages I have been trailing antique shops looking of old bottles and was rather successful. But while in Whitstable we found a crafty shop that sold the perfect bottles! So we used them all!


So firstly I went to Tesco to find some interesting looking foods, mostly in the spices section, where I was able to find some dried chilli peppers, garlics, curry leaves, etc. But I also had a lot of things from the cupboard which looked perfect. One thing we did buy was a food colouring, I actually believe it was caramel favouring which may go off at some point but It was perfect to change a bit of water, brown to add into the bottle.


So some bottles I didn’t put labels on, like this which isn’t a specific thing but looks great in the bottle.


I peeled a garlic to create boomslang skin, which worked rather well, you just have to make sure you don’t add in any pink skin, just to keep the effect.


These thai lemon grass looked great so I put them in, lol!


I think this may be my favourite. I cut open a dried ancho chilli and took the seeds out and put them in. I then put the stork from the middle of the chilli in too and filled it up with water and a tiny bit of caramel food flavouring to make it slightly brown.

I was also able to used the skin of the pepper as another thing in a different bottle too!


Lacewing flies are pink and seem really fluttery so saffron was perfect with a bit  of water and flavouring but the label covers so much of the bottle that you can’t really see it, but never mind!


For rat spleen we went for the ‘dried’ approach and just used cinnamon stick which are perfect.


And finally a bird eye chilli in a jar with the caramel favouring and water…


img_0547And here they are! Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely halloween or whatever you are celebrating !!!!

I went to Comic Con yesterday so get excited for some those posts too!



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