What I’m Loving ATM

So I was going to put my Cursed Child review up today but I am aware that not all my readers are Harry Potter fans so I am separating them up a bit. It will be up on Thursday. I was going to do a September favourites but I have been loving these for a while now.


I have been binge watching all of her videos over the summer and now into Autumn. It is actually crazy how much I am like her. She is currently at University and has been uploading room tours and Q and A’s while there. She is my current favourite youtuber. She also just hit 10,000 subscribers so well done to her for that. As her video for hitting 10,00 she is going to get her first tattoo which is going to be Harry Potter themed and I am so excited to see that video!


My pinterest is actually “on fleek”! I have made loads of board for every thing from Harry Potter memes to My bucket list. My favourite and most used boards are my Bedroom inspiration and My Harry Potter boards. I don’t really follow people on there but I like to just make boards.


If you like Harry Potter then this is the place to be. You can be sorted into both you Hogwarts and your Ilvermony houses, find you wand and literally a couple of week’s ago they have added a new feature where you can discover your patronus! Special writing from J.K.Rowling herself alone with information on our favoutite character’s history and secrets from Hogwarts!


So if you are looking for any sort present’s, Etsy is the place. I can’t really explain it but have a look and I promise you, you won;t be disappointed.


Satisfied and Alexander Hamilton are my favourites. Ultimate. Shower. Jams.










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