Cursed Child Merch Haul

So last weekend seems like such a blurrrrrrrr but I had so much fun! If you didn’t know you can check it out on my last post here but I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace theatre in London. It was very impromptu but I was willing to buy things there was you can’t get some of this anywhere else. I am not 100% sure on some of the prices so Ill add them in when I find out!


So I actually brought some things in part 1 and went back again in part 2. This is because they see some slightly different things in part 2 to part 1 as they can’t really reveal what some of them are about. I also want to point out that there is a bit of a queue. They actually have a really good, efficient system where you line up on the stairs so you stay out of the way of the entrance. But it goes really quickly and the workers there are great fun too!

The people who work there all wear the house colours and love good chat! They were all really friendly so if you have any question they were always more than happy to help. I actually went in the queue in between the parts and was like 15th going in so I got to go straight into the queue and get the merchandise then.

Not really merch and I didn;t get it on the same day or at the Theatre but its still Harry potter and the Cursed Child. I have been putting tabs in it so that I don’t forget any of the little amazing bits from the play. I have added in small notes too.

Firstly, this bag. Limited edition for Cursed Child.

I got this beautiful Gryffindor necklace in the new Hogwarts houses design which I absolutely love!!!!!!!!!! I then saw these 2 badges when I went back at the beginning of Part 2. I don’t want to reveal what they are about but my next post will be a review on the show where I will talk more about the actual plot.


Not really merch but here are my tickets!!!!

I got 2 programmes the smaller one which was about the cast and crew and the larger one of more production pictures. The larger one was £12 but £20 with a bag. I got the deal but I wouldn’t say the bag is £8 quality, but its still really nice to have! I also put in a picture of the insides without giving away anything! I think you could only get the larger programme in the second part because I didn’t see any for sale or anybody reading any in part 1.


This is the bag. It is black even though it looks quite blue here.

I just love this top. Again I got it in Part 2 because you don’t know what it is until then. This sign is everywhere when you come back into the theatre and its so atmospheric! I got this in a small and it is a perfect fit.

Another t-shirt I got top again in a small and it’s nice because its a subtle way of showing your Harry Potter nerdyness!


And lastly I got 2 more badges. I got given the #KeepTheSecrets badge for free at the end of Part 1. I did think you got another one at the end of part 2 but we didn’t… I also got  a badge from the House of MinaLima which is around the corner from the Palace Theatre. It showed all the artwork from the movies but the shop was all rather expensive but I did want to get something from there as memorabilia. Again not really Cursed Child Merch but I did get it on the day of the shows as a new part of my collection.


These are the badges I have put on my blazer for school with my rather Gryffindor looking tie!

I hope you liked this and good luck to all trying to get tickets!




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