The Best Day Of My Life… #keepthesecrets

I did not imagine this time 2 days ago I would be writing these words out… but TODAY I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in The Palace Theatre…

I have a lot to explain but I don’t want to ruin anything ( #keepthesecrets ) But I’m going to do a post about the actual play but I will talk about the plot in that so if you haven’t seen or read it then don’t worry I won’t reveal anything.

But OMG I have never seen theatre like it. The crew who put this all together have done an absoultely amazing job and the effects were so superb. It has made me believe the magic more than the films ever did and  I saw all the magic happen live on stage. It was beautiful to watch and you can tell that everybody in the room was loving it. Most people there were in there late twenties and would have grown up with the books.

Basically on Friday’s I do extra dance after school and during this class I went over on my toes broke a few… They have gone all purple and bruised and it is effecting my walking too. I didn’t really know this when it happened but I couldn’t walk on it at all. And I rang up dad to say I was going to leave slightly earlier. The Cursed Child release 40 tickets for £40 for the upcoming week. They do this every few weeks and my Dad has been trying.

So I asked if he managed to get any but he didn’t… I wasn’t upset because I know the chances are extremely slim as thousands of people try for it every time. All the shows are sold out up to December 2017. So I thought nothing of it and headed to my other club because we have rehearsals for a show and I didn’t want to miss any so I hopped there with me broken toes!

Dad then picked me up, and we waited for mum who was less than a minute as she was on the train. When she came to the car dad got out and said something to her. He never ever does this so I thought it was a bit suspicious… but then I realised that a family friend was getting in the car so I assumed he was just saying hi to them.

When I got home and I had dinner because I know that I don’t like anything at the place we were all going out to eat at.  I went up stairs to change ready to go out and on my bed was a print out of the confirmation that we had tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Dad was already half way up the stairs because he obviously already knew. I cried… I was so happy. And then he tells me we are going tomorrow (Saturday 1st October 2016)  I couldn’t quite believed it.

He had entered the friday forty and it came back saying that they had all been given away. But when he went back to the main part of the website see if there were any left he clicked on the one that said 2 tickets for tomorrow. He had done this before but by the time he got there it had gone but this time it just asked him of this card details! He rang up mum to tell her and when she got in the car he just said that he hadn’t told me yet. I completely forgot about my toes too!

And that is where it all begins…

I have posted a vlog of the Cursed child day out over on my youtube channel so go and check that out here.  I will post a haul of what I got very soon!







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