What’s In My Bag-Autumn 2016

I can’t really believe how I haven’t done a ‘What’s In My Bag’ but today is the  day… Here it is!

So my bag is from Charles and Keith and I got in while in Dubai in 2014 and I can’t find it online anyway so Im sorry about that. I also have no clue how much it was. I realise this was absolutely nothing to go on but I know there are plenty similar bags out there. I switch my bag from this one to my brown tradition long champ every so often, it doesn’t have like a thick shaped outside so it is a lot lighter for shopping ect. But this one has cool pockets and keeps me way more organised.


It has one pocket with a golden zip on the outside, one zipped pocket and 2 open pockets on the inside.

Firstly in the main section of my bag is a notebook which I use for lists. I am an obsesive list writer/maker and I find inspiration for blog posts and things to do all over the place and a notebook is just what I need.


I try to carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go as my Mum gets so annoyed at me when she tells me to always bring a water bottle with me but I never remember and end up making her buy one… So this is especially for my mum 🙂

I will take my kindle with me to most places as I travel a lot by train (as I can’t drive) and it is a great way to use up that extra time. I’m currently reading the new potter more books… but as you can see, my Kindle is mainly Harry Potter (plus a totally random tropical fish book…)

I will also take my phone with me everywhere I go. I have the iPhone 6s in Gold but I did smash it… I was going to write about it when it happened but I never ended up doing it. I basically dropped it on the train tracks and the people had to go and get it during the day and I was so scared that someone was just gonna jump down there self and get it. My wallpaper is of Hogwarts Great Hall, all set up for Christmas and I’m just hoping that its executable to have in September… I keep this in one of the open pockets on the inside.

I got my purse second hand from my favourite shop which is called ‘Change of Hearts’ and it sells second hand branded clothes, bags, shoes ect. I payed £33 for this one… and it was copper!!!!


These are some of the card inside my purse. (I have erased any information on my cards for obvious reasons)

I also have a small bag inside my handbag with my essentials: A pen (black and pick), pencil, mascara (don’t know the make), a lipstick (usually mac, this one is velvet teddy), my small bourjois blush and an eos or other chapstick. I don’t usually use this bag but I couldn’t be bothered to go downstair to get my other one haha!… This one is one that my Mum brought back for me from Peru.

In the outside pocket I keep my oyster card, debit card and student Id along with some coins in this Skinny Dip card holder. I would usually have my cards in my purse but this is because these are what I need to take in to school and it’s easier to just grab this from my handbag than search through my purse after every weekend.


I wil take headphones with me everywhere because again it gives me something to do while travelling. I keep them in the ziplock bag that some paperclips came in because they always get tangled and then can easily break at  the bottom of my bag.

In the zipped inside pocket I keep essential first aid bits like tablets and wipes. I don’t always carry around a bandage! Ha ha! I got given this one at a science trip and have had it in my handbag since. I also have this gorgeous scented hand cream from oliver bonas. My favourite candle is in this scent.


And lastly a tangle teaser to tease all those many tangles!

I hope you liked this post! Check out my instagram for regular uploads there! @hollysterblog


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