Philosopher’s Stone 15th Anniversary Studios Event! #BackToHogwarts

Im sorry I didn’t post at all last week. I was trying so hard to stick to the routine of Thursday and Sunday but I went back to school this Wednesday and was just so busy. But on Monday, Dad took me to the Harry Potter Studio Tours to see the Philosopher’s Stone 15th Anniversary on it’s very last day. I had been saving up all year for a chance to go to the Studio Tour’s Gift Shop so was very excited for that too.

I will post a haul of what I got soon! Also want to say that I took my camera the last time I went which was during the Hogwarts in the Snow at Christmas and took higher quality photo’s then. But this time my camera had died so I was only using my Iphone. I have posted some pictures on my instagram which you should be able to see on my home page. Or at @hollysterblog

You can also check out the vlog of this day over on my youtube channel: Holly Strawson 








I have loads more photos (300 in fact) If you would like pictures of costumes, props or the more from the backlot!


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