Stationary Haul- #BackToHogwarts

The time we have al been dreading and trying to forget about has arrived. The long holiday that we always take for granted is almost over. Our parents are nagging us to try on our uniform. And onMonday morning Mum took me to get all my new stationary, which could possibly be the best part of the back to school period.

I went to Ryman’s to get everything that I needed. Unlike most years’s I didn’t get a maths set because I still have things from previous years. I will try and find link’s for everything I got.


I got this set of a rubber and a sharpener because Its easier to have one than 2 little bits that are more likely to go missing. I also like having a sharpener that you have to empty rather than one you have to do over the bin because it means you don’t have to get up to go and sharpen any pencils. LINK

As I’m going into GCSE years it involves a lot of revision and reading books so highlighters are key. I got this set because it will keep me organised as I can select one colour for each subject or topic. LINK

I saw this and thought it would be really useful of my bfec but also I have been really enjoying drawing lately so I wanted to use the proper equipment. LINK


Basically mum told me I would probably need this for revision and English. So thanks mum 🙂 LINK

I also got 2 of my favourite pen’s of the thickness 0.5 .It’s a drawing pen but I actually use this manly for math! I like this one the best because in my maths book we write in small boxes and this pen that is slightly thicker and just looks perfect. LINK

I just loved the colour. And its a fact that if you write in pretty colours it will make you want to work more and revise more! LINK

This is basically a disposable fountain pen. I like that you don’t have to change the ink cartridges so it’s not messy!

Alway’s need a notebook. But I like this one because it’s made from recycled paper. LINK

In my Btec folder I use this paper because it tears out easily and has thinner lines so you can fit more in on a page.


And I use these punched pockets to put them in because they are shiny and clear rather than scratchy like normal cheap ones. LINK

To be honest I have more than enough pencil case’s but it doesn’t feel like a new school year without one.


I didn’t have a picture of it but I also got this pencil, rubber and sharpener set. You can see it under the milan rubber/sharpener. I found the link but the sharpener is in yellow. LINK.


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