Sorting Hat Cupcakes #BackToHogwarts

It’s September which means the time has come to start thinking about going back to school. And on this very day, September 1st, the Hogwart’s Express leaves platform 9 and 3/4 to start its journey and all the first year’s get sorted into there houses.

So in honour of this day I decided to bake some cupcakes. Well I baked them on Tuesday because I realised that I wouldn’t have enough time to bake, decorate and then take pictures and post this…

Now when I bake cupcakes, I just use my sponge cake recipe which I know of by heart and use for everything. Its the same one I used for my Harry Potter Cake which I will link here. And Its basically 6 ounces of butter, sugar and self-raising flour and 3 eggs.

So you can follow the recipe and instructions on my Harry Potter Cake post. I did exactly the same things in that post, without a flavouring, but put it in cupcake cases. I made 24 cupcakes with this mixture.

For the decorations I made a:

  • Sorting Hat
  • Gryffindor Scarf
  • Hufflepuff Scarf
  • Ravenclaw Scarf
  • Slytherin Scarf
  • Harry Potter glasses and scar

Initially I was going to make a load of snitch’s but let’s just say, Dad ate all the cupcakes that had gold cases apart from one… Lol!

For the sorting hat I used ready made icing from Sainsbury’s but I did see a really clever way to do it on pinterest which I will link here using rice krispies which means it will be really nice to eat rather than a lump of icing. I then used a squeezy tube of brown icing to make the details around the hat. I then rolled little black balls of icing an flattened them slightly which the side of a table knife to put in the eyes and the mouth to make them look as if the go inwards.

Also for all the cupcakes I put a layer of ready made icing in the flavour vanilla. I would also choose to make it over than by it but I just didn’t have enough time today. I then rolled out some black fondant and cut circles using a cookie cutter. Its the one that I use for mince pies with the ridged edges. To place on top of the cupcakes.

For the scarfs I rolled out coloured fondant which I got in a set from Sainsburys. This is what colours I used for each scarf:

  • Gryffindor – Red base and Yellow on top
  • Hufflepuff – Yellow base and black on top
  • Ravenclaw – Blue base and blue on top with silver edible dusting
  • Slytherin – Green based with black on top with silver edible dusting

I also made a Hogwarts crest. I cut the shape of a crest (check photo) in black and smaller pieces in the Hogwarts house colours. You just have to check the photo’s to see and follow your instinct but that’s what I did. I then put a snake of black in-between the coloured boxes to separate them.

Lastly I made cupcake with a thin layer of vanilla icing and sprayed it with a golden edible spray. I then drew of the glasses in black and the scar in yellow using the small icing tubes.

Hope you enjoyed. If yo recreate these or do you own harry potter cakes please leave me a link below because I would LOVE to see them!










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