What I go to School for & Jesus Christ Superstar

I have been to the theatre a few times over this holiday but here are my top 2!

So while in Brighton with the father, we went into town to look for a place to have lunch and ended up buying tickets for the Busted musical ‘What I got to School for’ which was having it’s premier that night. So we came back later on to watch the show.

It was being performed by a youth theatre for a few nights. It was about how Busted got together following their stories. Singing lots of the songs as they went along. Whether a busted fan or not it was really exciting to watch.

I really enjoyed the show and I hope that it will come back, maybe even in west end!

On Tuesday I went to the Regent Park open air theatre. I had had a bit of a mad day and I hadn’t actually slept the night before. So I had an hour asleep at like 5 before leaving to go out. Slept in the car on the way there. And then slept in the park before going in… I was knackered!

But as soon as we had our seats and the music began I was right into it. Jesus Christ Superstar is my favourite musical out there. The set outside was amazing and we were so lucky that it happened to be one of the hottest days in London this year!

I went to see the musical when it was in the O2 and we had seats facing side on. So when it came to the 39 whips we could clearly see he was 2m away from the end of the whip. But they did it slightly differently in this production. For every hit someone ran up and threw some gold paint or glitter at him at the exact moment the band made a whip noise. It sounds so pants but the acting was so incredible it made me cry.

I have learnt a lot form going to see these shows and I want to thank my parents for letting me have these opportunities.

Hollyster x



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