Journey to the Edinburgh Festival

This week we have been travelling around the country with the final goal to get to a show at the Edinburgh festival for a show on Thursday.

We firstly went to Leek where we stayed with a friend. Then drove to the Lake District where we camped in a National Trust campsite for a couple of nights.

For our finally stop we drove to Teasdale and stayed there for 2 nights. We went to see the Low force and High Force waterfalls on the night we arrived and then the next day we did a long walk to a waterfall called the Cauldron Spout which involved a lot of scrabbling alone a rock fall which was rather difficult.

Finally we made it to Scotland, where we stayed with family friends. Our first show we went to see was called “Tomorrow, maybe”. It was a musical based in a cafe about all the people who went to the cafe and who worked there. It was probably one of the best musicals I have ever been to see. I think I enjoyed it because it was quite relatable. There was a song about “commuters hell” telling the story of a typical London tube journey.

The room they were performing in was rather small and quite cramped. If they could have done it on a proper stage or even in a bigger room I think it would be perfect. But if you have a chance to go or are looking for something to see while at the festival, try and get tickets for this!

The next show we saw was a one woman show based in the pre-war period called “Agent of Influence”. It was in a larger room with a proper stage that looked like an air made shelter. I went in thinking there was going to be more than one person and was actually quite disappointed when I realised it was only going to be her. The one thing I can say is that the amount that she had learnt for an hour long show was incredible. The actual story I wasn’t so in to.

Lastly we went to see a group of 5 Australian male tap dancer who were SO talented! It was crazy how fast some of there feet were going. Doing tap dance myself it was really inspirational to watch. I especially enjoyed when they danced going up and down the stairs.

Over all I have had an adventurous week!

But Im currently in Durham heading home tomorrow, before an even more exciting couple of days!



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