Deathly Hallows-Harry Potter Challenge

WE DID IT! I realised i hadn’t poted my last book note! But we nDe it to the 31st of July. Aka Harry Potter and the Cursed Child release day. Aka J.K.Rowlings Birthday. Aka Harry Potters birthday. Aka the final day of our challenge!

I loved this last book. So much happened. I sat drying my eyes out for a lot of it. But there are most definitly moments i was laughing my head off.

Since beginning this challenge, i have re-discovered my love fore reading. And again, fallen in love with this amazing book series. I made it. At the start I would never have imagined myself reading the large, thick books that Harry Potter are.

I got my Cursed Child book as soon as the shop opened this morning. But still as soon as i finished I felt a loss for knowing that it was the end. I have began reading the new play and wasn’t really into it. Now just starting Act 2 it is appealing to me a lot more. I think it is just difficult getting used to reading a play.

Thank you to those who have followed my journey and even joined in. It has been extremely exciting!

Speak soon xx


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