Harry Potter Challenge-Cursed Child

So we made it! From starting in April with our mission to read all the Harry Potter series before the new play comes out. i dropped out of my bookworm’ness when I was a first year at secondary school, because all of a sudden reading wasn’t “cool”. It’s such a shame that so many teenagers stop reading.

But thank’s to J.K.Rowling, an amazing set of books has brought back my old mind. I had read the first book ages ago. When I was much younger, and I didn’t really understand it. But when I saw the books in my room and I knew a new play was due to come out, I set myself the challenge of reading all 7 in 4 months. Remembering I was still at school, while rehearsing for a show, performing show’s, studying and practising for my Grade 7 acting exam (which I passed!) 4 months was quite difficult.

I still had a couple of chapters left to read on the 31st. Which I finished in minutes, before immediately starting the play. We queued outside WhSmith for the store opening at 10:00am. I was second in the line along with many other fans, all in their robes or Harry Potter jumper’s.

I have been posting a lot of my Harry Potter bits over on my instagram account. You can see my latest pictures on my home page to this blog. If you are not already, please check it out at : @hollysterblog.

I didn’t manage to read the play in one sitting as we had to do a bit of driving as we have been travelling up to Edinburgh. And I can’t read in the car. But I did finish it the following morning.

To be completely honest, at first I didn’t really enjoy it. I felt that t was very “I knew that was going to happen”. But not long after that I started to get to grip with these new characters. And some of the crazy magical things that they get up to seem to be impossible to transfer to the stage.

It makes me even more excited to know that it can be done!

Have a good summer holiday and happy reading (if u haven’t already finished)!



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