Favourite Harry Potter Quotes

As I have almost finished reading the Harry Potter books I have come upon many inspirational quotes and phrases. So I thought I would put them all together in this post! But I will just say that some of these may be from the films. Lot’s of my favourite lines were in the film to but may be slightly different. (Also I have this weird love towards the head in the Prisoner Of Azkaban which isn’t in the book so any quotes form him are obviously just from the film).

  1. Sirius Black-Order of the Phoenix. Makes you think…

    “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are”

  2. Molly, Fred & George Weasley – Philosopher’s Stone. Toilet Seat?

    “Now, you two – this year, you behave yourselves. If I get one more owl telling me you’ve – you’ve blown up a toilet or -“

“Blown up a toilet? We’ve never blown up a toilet. “

“Great idea though, thanks, Mum.”

3. Albus Dumbledore – Philosopher’s stone. Always makes me giggle

“What happened down in the dungeons between you and Professor Quarrel is a complete secret, so, naturally the whole school knows. “

4. Ron Weasley – Deathly Hallows

“Cinderella? Snow White? What’s that? An illness?

5.  Filch and Peeves – Philosopher’s Stone. I wish this was in the film!

“Which way did they go, Peeves?” Filch was saying. “Quick, tell me.”
“Say ‘please.'”
“Don’t mess with me, Peeves, now where did they go?”
“Shan’t say nothing if you don’t say please,” said Peeves in his annoying singsong voice.
“All right- PLEASE.”
“NOTHING! Ha haaa! Told you I wouldn’t say nothing if you didn’t say please! Ha ha! Haaaaaa!” And they heard the sound of Peeves whooshing away and Filch cursing in rage.”

6. Ron Weasley and Professor McGonagall – Chamber of Secret’s. I can just imagine the face.

“Well, you’re expelling us aren’t you? said Ron.           “Not today, Mr. Weasley.”
Snape looked as though Christmas had been canceled.

7. The Shrunken Head – Prisoner of Azkaban. I will never not find this line funny!

“It’s gonna be a bumpy ride”

8.  Hagrid – Philosopher’s Stone. A classic.

“You’re a wizard, Harry”

9.  Hermione Granger – Order of the Phoenix. Teaspoon as well!

“Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have”

10. George Weasley – Philosopher’s Stone. The twin’s will never fail to make you laugh!

“You haven’t got a letter on yours,” George observed. “I suppose she think’s you don’t forget your name. But we’re not stupid. We know we’re called Gred and Forge”

11. Dumbledore – Goblet of Fire. Think.

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

12. Hagrid and Harry Potter – Philosopher’s Stone. Oh Harry…

“Do you mean ter tell me,” he growled at the Dursleys, “that this boy—this boy!—knows nothin’ abou’—about ANYTHING?”
Harry thought this was going a bit far. He had been to school, after all, and his marks weren’t bad.
“I know some things,” he said. “I can, you know, do math and stuff.”

11. Ron Weasley – Goblet of Fire. What’s wrong with Dobby’s hats? …

Percy wouldn’t notice a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing one of Dobby’s hats.” 

12. Fred and Molly Weasley – Philosopher’s Stone. Damn Fred. Back at it again with another funny quote!

“Fred, you next,” the plump woman said.
“I’m not Fred, I’m George,” said the boy. “Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother? Can’t you tell I’m George?”
“Sorry, George, dear.”
“Only joking, I am Fred,” said the boy and off he went.”




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