Harry Potter Challenge – Half-Blood Prince

One week left and one more book. I feel this book introduces us to more mature subjects. Reminds  us what is important and was full of quotes and morals that us reading can take something from too.

In this book we follow Harry and his friends in their 6th year at Hogwarts. Harry having lost his only family he had left the year before he is spending more time with Dumbledore and his friends. Learning more and more about Voldemort when he was known as Tom Riddle throughout the year we start to see how much danger Harry is really in.

Now that the golden trio are full blown teenagers there are a lot more arguments between them. Ron finds a love that Hermione is struggling to keep up with and Harry is scared to even try to find love because he is scared of losing his friends.

I really enjoyed the explanation of Fred and George’s new joke shop on Diagon Alley. It is just how it is portrayed in the films. And I want a pigmy puff even more that usual.

I also really have fallen of the Character Ginny Weasley. At first she didn’t really seem that interesting, manly because we don’t find out much about her. Only that Tom Riddle used her during the Chamber of Secrets. Also, even though I must hate her, I find Bellatrix Estrange a character with so much depth. And I think the whole Black, Malfoy, Estrange family tree really intriguing.

I again, read most of the book on my kindle. Manly because I can put it down and do something while reading. I don’t have to struggle to keep the page open while doing another task.

SPOILER ALERT-Towards the end of the book Harry build up the guts to talk to Ginny a bit more. But after having a detention that over laps the Quiddich Cup Final he is un able to play. But at the party afterwards when Harry enters to find out who won his happiness is greated by Ginny. They finally kiss after the long wait. This is not what happens in the film. He goes to hind the Half-Blood Prince’s book with her in the Room of Requirement. They also end up dating which is not really shown in the film. A lot more is explained in the book too. Harry is asked to get his school books to show Snape who is checking to see if he has the Half-Blood Prince’s copy. Which is when he goes to hide the book in the room of requirement, alone.

It is definitely worth reading the book, especially for this film. As for the first time we can really see how much is missed out. Like when Harry has to save Ron he doesn’t just know what to use. He actually read it in the HBP’s book in a Potion’s lesson with Slughorn.

Hope you are all excited for the next week! #Finalcountdown

I also put a new video up on my youtube channel. For any Potter fans, It is a great laugh and would love for you to check it out!



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