Harry Potter Challenge-Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Completed.

The biggest book of the lot. And I read it during my shows as well. I have less than a month remaining to read the last two books, both of which are rather large. But as i broke up for my summer holiday yesterday, I will have plenty of time to read.

In this book Harry is in his 5th year a Hogwarts (which is like an English year 11) and is taking his O.W.L’s ( Ordinary Wizarding Level’s) that would be equivalent to our GCSE’s. We see him throughout his summer and whole year at Hogwarts. But being the only living witness (who is not a death eater) of Voldemort’s return, Harry ha s a hard time getting people to believe him.

In this book you really see Harry as a young Adult rather than a child. He is  no longer a new student, but a part of the upper school. I genuinely laughed out loud. And I cried. Harry begins his journey at Hogwarts at 11 without his parents around so he has no family and Is striving of his friends. SPOILER ALERT-But in Prisoner of Azkaban we meet Sirius Black who turns out to be Harry’s god father. And at last we know there is an adult who can look after him like he would a son. But we see a tragic loss as Sirius gets killed by Death Eater Bellatrix in the Ministry of Magic and all of a sudden we are again reminded of how alone Harry is. Even though the book doesn’t end on a note of not happiness we still feel questions have been answered. But we still see how upset Harry is as he gets aboard the Hogwarts express back home to 4 Privet Drive.

I think this book shows us how vulnerable Harry really is. And being ‘The Boy Who Lived’ how much pressure is put upon him. I don’t recall feeling bored when reading this book but there was a lot to get through and sometime’s I found myself just reading the words and not really taking any in. That was defiantly on my part but I think that is down to just being so busy and only finding time to read when I was tired or on the train so I could never be focused on what I was reading.

I read the first 40% of this book, again, on my kindle. But I did buy the new covered book and finish it on paper. I had the first 4 books with the original covers. But as they brought out new covers I ave had to search charity book shops or second hand book shops for them. I have been successful in finding the Deathly Hallows in a Charity shop but am missing the 5th and 6th books in the original covers.

I have also made a little section in my room with all my Harry Potter bits on it but my room is still not how I want it. Hopefully I can sort it out some time over the next week so I can do a room tour and show you then.

As usual I started the next book, Half Blood Prince the following morning but on my kindle.

Speak Tomorrow.

H x



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