Harry Potter Challenge-Goblet Of Fire

It has been a week and a half since I got back from Mauritius. I am happy to report that I had brilliant flight back even though we were travelling for 24 hours.

So lately I have had my end of year exams so I haven’t really had much time to blog or read. I have started Order of the Pheonix again on my kindle.

Basically I read the first huge thick Harry Potter book while I was away. Then started the next book after we got back. I have been ready small amounts every day but not my usual chapter a night. After the first book this was definitely one of the bests. Apart from the fact that it was the same size as the first three put together!

I have had an amazing time reading all these books. But knowing that by August it ‘should’ all be over. I am a tiny bit worried considering that I still have 3 very large books to go, but I am breaking up for my summer holiday’s at the start of July and my mission is too read every single day and try my best. I know that as soon as the day comes when the new play is released I will tequnically still have one m0re to go. But the more I read about the story the more I am both confused and scared. Scared that the books have been so amazing and I love the whole story line but what if I read the next one and everything is different and I don’t like it.

My aim has always been to read all the books before the play comes out and begins showing in London. But I won’t be watching the play on the day it comes out. We haven’t got any plans to go abroad this summer so I will have plenty of time to go to the theatre. I am very grateful to be living in London and that I have the chance to go to the theatre as often as I do.

The first 3 books Harry is still quite young. But he settled down a lot more now, and is turning in to a young adult. The Tri-Wizard tournament is an extremely dangerous event and Harry is very young. But this is been one of my favourites. I probably will say that every time but hey-hoe. The Yule Ball was described so beautifully and it was so enjoyable to read.

So still reading on the kindle and aiming to finish the next book in 2 weeks or so. At my school we are rehearsing for our annual End of Year Show so I have been very tired. I am also watching Love Island as I also did last year… still love it! Are any of you watching it?

Speak soon, Hollyster x


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