Dolphin Watching

After getting up at 5:30am, eating a couple of croissants and getting a 45 min taxi journey to the boats we finally arrived.

Then we put on our life jackets and headed through the water, our shoes in a basket, to all climb into the speed boat.


No long after we were out at sea we saw a large pack of dolphins. Around 20-30. Mothers and their babies. It was beautiful. They came in and not long after that many other boats came along to see them. Some people got in the water, including my mum who was one of the 3 lucky enough to have the dolphin pack swim right below them and come up to breath at the surface right next to them.


We then came back to the hotel at 10:40.

I then lost my ring which I wear everyday.

Then stayed around the pool until 5.

Then my sister found my ring!

And now dinner!




Check out todays Vlog at: Hollyster


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