Visiting the Nature park & Testing Tea

So today, day 3 in Mauritius we went to visit the islands nature park. We got inches away from crocodiles and got to touch some Giant Tortoises!

Before I start I just want to explain that yesterday we went snorkelling in the lagoon and saw many beautiful colourful fish. I did bring my go pro but I wanted to just experience it rather than worry about filming things. But I am doing it again tomorrow when I will film it and take pictures.

We got up at a ridiculous time to ensure we had breakfast before leaving. Waking up at 8am here is like waking up at 5am back home. And I’m not quite into the time zone yet…

IMG_0007IMG_9999IMG_9989IMG_9988IMG_9987Firstly we drove to the local tea farm where they produce and package the tea. And after watching a short video, headed up to a small cafe where we could taste the tea. I brought some to bring back to a few tea drinking friends back home. Our driver told us about his favourite one that he recommended to us to try (Vanilla and Coconut Tea) so we brought him a box it! – Good deed a day.

Then we went to the nature park called ‘La Vanille’ to see the crocs and tortoises.


There are lots of dogs here…


And amazing views…



After that we drove back to the hotel to do some swimming. I made a video of this on my youtube channel

Click here to watch it…

And subscribe as I will be posting more this week. Also how cool is my end slate!!!!!!

H xxx


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