Harry Potter Challenge-Prisoner of Azkaban

Started:  11.05.16     Finished: 25.05.16

Book 3 done! Again read entirely on my kindle.

Im loving reading again because I get into the whole story so much! I have realised that my favourite parts of the Harry Potter series so far to read are all the Quiddich chapters. Because there are so many matches/games in the whole series, you forget which games they win and which they don’t. So even though i cheated the whole point of not watching the films I got way to excited and just whizzed through them, when it comes to the matches I’m on the edge of my seat reading.

Book 3 is the only book where you don’t meet Voldemort or any form of him. In all the books the main story or plot in it involves Voldemort and Harry where as in Prisoner of Azkaban is different in this way. But I know that the film is maybe there least favourited but the books have so much more than you think.

Everyone always tells me how I should read the books because the books always have so much more than the film but you don’t realise quite how much they have to scrap from the books make the films.

I finished this book in exactly 2 weeks. Just in time to start it before I flew out to Mauritius where I am expecting to read quite a lot.

Sorry to put this post up while my Mauritius posts are going up but I wanna spread the books out slightly.


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