Mauritius 2016

So its finally come… I am in Mauritius. It took 2 6 hour plane journeys plus alot of Airport time. We had to run for our first flight as the gate was closing and we had no time in Dubai before getting the next plane.image

I often have panic attacks and get motion sickness when flying so you can only imagine how horrible this was for me.image

I didnt go in to school on Friday as we had to be at heathrow for 12 ish. Our flight left at 4:55pm (plus an hour delay)and we go into Dubai at 3 in the morning. Before getting another flight here arriving at 10am Mauritius time ( 7am in England ).


Its winter here at the moment but just as gorgeous. I will be doing some exciting things here such as Snorkling, Dolphin watching and Kyaking. So many poats will be up this half term.


Check out my socials for updates! will ne posting regulally on all of these!

Instagram: @hollysterblog and @holly.strawson

Snapchat: Hollyxstrawsonx

H xxxx


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