Harry Potter Challenge – Chamber Of Secrets

So I read the second book in the Harry Potter series in 2 weeks. I was hoping to read it way quicker than that but as it was my exam I didn’t read much at all. So I have started the next book already. But I have decided to read them on my Kindle. I love it so much and would recommend it a lot!

I didn’t get the kindle just for this. But when I got into my secondary school my Mum got me it so that I could read on the train but I didn’t have to carry a book to just read on the train but then have to carry it around all day. I probably used it like twice and then never again. Until I thought that I could start reading on the train swell as before bed because I need to hurry up if I want to read those massive fat books before August!

The books download in 10 seconds. After I have finished a book I just go and find it in the store. After clicking buy, I click the home button and the book is already there to start reading. The only thing is that it doesn’t give you a page number. It is a percentage. Which is just as good but If you are switching between book to kindle it can be quite irritating. As I switched half way through The Chamber Of Secrets and I had to try and find where I was but as I only had to do it once it wasn’t that bad.

I also can’t really review it because the book was so amazing! I know I am going to love them all but its not that gory and Voldemort hasn’t formed (yet) so its right up my street. Also Tom Felton is soon Hot so when Draco says something I imagine him…

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 19.34.16

Haha! I don’t want all my posts to be about the books so I am going to try and do a “normal” post in between each book post.

I also made a Harry Potter cake and I was going to do that before this post but I went shopping so…yeah…

Holly Potter X


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