My Unlucky Coin & Celebs in Wagamama’s?

Today was wet! (Today being 29th of March)

Oh my gosh. It rained soooooooooo much! Nether the less a lot of good things didn’t happen. Im not really superstitious but today was weird. Firstly this morning, as the first day of our holiday where we had nothing planned, I suggested my sister and I went into central London. She wasn’t to keen but gave in. I rang up dad and he was up for coming to. We met him at work and headed into London.

Firstly we went to China town where I got some more of my favourite food, which are fortune cookies.

I ate way too many and put all the fortunes in my pokiest to read later on. I then went into Mac where I got a lipstick which I had been eyeing up for a year or so. In the shade Matte Mehr. Which is GORG! Its straight away my favourite lipstick I have ever owned along with my very old No7 one which I’ve used so much that I don’t even know the shade. I used it in my Christmas Makeup Look.

I also got a lipstick from Kiko.

And then we walked along to Forever 21 where I picked up a long black maxi dress with a short slit at the bottom. I’m not going away anywhere hot over the easter break but in the next half term I am. I think I’m not going to say wear yet but I’m sure I will soon. But I brought this intending for then.

We then went to eat at Wagamama’s. If you don’t have a wagamama’s in your country or you just have never been, there are typically long tables where you can be seated next to any one, but if its not really busy you won’t. We were all seated at the end of one long table. And maybe half way through our meal Aston Merrygold strolls in with one of his friends. If you didn’t know, my big sister Maddy is ex- JLS’s no.1 fan, her favourite being Aston. She had previously met Marvin though. We weren’t really sure if it was him but we googled picture of his tattoos to make sure and it was him… She did get a picture with him too!

I then remembered that I had done one of those “pay a pound and then insert a penny” machines where you can squish a 1p and put a pattern indented on top of it. We walked past a Rain Forest Cafe which I had never been into, to look at the ceiling and around the gift shop thingy part and saw it … I got a monkey on mine! And I said “This is going to be my lucky coin”. And guess who my sister meets. Her Idol.

We also popped into to Selfridges where I got a new phone case and Maddy got a bag. It then started to chuck down with rain and so we walked through the big store to miss the rain. When we entered John Lewis (Big Department Store, UK) The alarms went off but as we had just walked in we assumed it wasn’t us but when we left the other side they went off again. We check all our bags and it turned out that Maddy’s bag still had a tag on in the inside. So we had to walk back in the pouring rain.

Now thinking my coin had turned unlucky we walked back to get it removed and then all the way back again. But then we worked out that if it hadn’t poured with rain we wouldn’t have had to walk inside. Which meant we realised a tag was still on. This had happened to me before but we just smashed it off. Which Does NOT work. It just left a hole in it. So really it was all good news.

Lastly we went into Topshop where I brought a beautiful dress. I won’t be putting in any picture’s because I think I’m gonna wear it to prom this year. If you didn’t know, I go to a Prom every year because our school is so small that just year 11 at prom would be very small. I make an effort every year but my girls and I have already planned what we want for our last prom in year 11. It’s just known as the yr 11’s big day and we are like the guests of the party. Limo and expensive dresses is for your last year only. I might do a post about my previous prom experiences soon actually, stay tuned.



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