Lush Haul!


As you may know I have been shopping for some lush stuff!!!!!!!!!! I have written this blog in advanced to go up on Thursday. It is currently Sunday. So I’m sorry if it wasn’t right after the big haul. But I’m gonna be doing a lot as it is half term!

I’m not gonna go into to much detail about each product because i rubbish at that. But I will leave a link to each one.

I only got bath bombs as they are my favourite and I already have loads of bubble bars.

This is my second favourite lush product after Twilight. It is called the Sex Bomb. I got 2!

The Experimenter. The bath bomb that makes your bath look a-ma-zing!

Intergalactic. Beautiful.

I don’t know what this one was called. If you know please comment below. (Ha ha! That rhymed!). I didn’t get the stickers because it takes way longer you see.

LET IT GO LET IT GO! The best Frozen bath bomb!

Thats all I got. It came to £22 ish. When I use them I will take pictures. Especially of the experimenter and intergalactic.



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