Pink Vs, Kurt Geiger & Adidas Haul

On day 1 of my holiday I decided I should treat myself. I needed some new school shoes and I wanted to buy some more lush stuff as I had no bath bombs left, only bubble bars. But as I got quite a bit from lush I will make a different post for that.


I have currently been wearing black pumps from Primark to school. I was wearing my uggs to school,Which meant my feet got really hot during the day. So I wore my uggs there kept them in my locker during the day and then wore my cheap pumps. Recently they have been “talking to me” so I needed a new pair that would hopefully last a lot longer.

I  also needed new black trainers for dance. I saw these online and fell in love. I went into 3 shops before finding them. They are the adidas superstars but with snake skin in between the 3 stripes. They are soooooo perfect.


I also went into Victoria Secret Pink. I needed a new sports bra for dance. I just got he traditional black one.

Also from Pink I got a new bag for dance. I liked this colour especially. There was also a white one but knowing me white would get dirty really quickly! SHOPPING TIP: UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT IT ALWAYS GO FOR THE DARKER COLOUR AS IT IS LESS LIKELY TO STAIN!


Mum and I went to Fenicks as well. I got another sports bra! I do a lot of dance…


Here is a sneak peek for my next blog post ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Thats all I got! Keep posted for my next blog to see what I got from lush!



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