Rehearsals,Half Term & AT2UI

Im back on here again. It’s been hard to constantly post blogs. I am currently rehearsing for a show and on top of that I had been asked to be a backing dancer for a band. I don’t really know what I can/can’t say so that will be confirmed a bit later on. So today I did dance all day + rehearsals after school.

The other day I was soooooooo excited about the AT2UI film coming out! And honestly to be in it was the most amazing thing ever. I was literally in like 10 seconds but that made my year so far! I literally posted that the moment after I watched the film. I had to watch it to the end because my dad was also interviewed for it so we wanted to see if he made the finally cut, which he didn’t, but I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 22.49.01

One of the first clips in the film was of fans talking about her and I wasn’t shown so I really doubted me being in it. Which was a very slim chance already. T o be shown was so lucky and I am overly grateful for this. I started jumping up and down on my bed. I then finished the film. Went down stairs to get some popcorn then watched the film again!!!

IMG_4846 (2)

It is also HALF TERM! I dunno if it is for everyone but its mine! WHOOP WHOOP! I’m not going anywhere because I am doing rehearsals but hopefully some exciting things will come up !!! XXX


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