Harry Potter Studio Tours (In the Snow)


If you read my ‘things to do in London at Christmas’ post you may be familiar with ‘Hogwarts in the snow’. They basically dress all the set up for christmas. I went in 2014 as our end of year trip, so it was really hot, summer, but my parents and sister had never been. So as our family trip to start the year we ventured of to Hogwarts.

Just as amazing as I had remembered. I’m not gonna talk you through it as nothing will do it justice. I would just HIGHLY recommend going. Before going for the first time I had only ever briefly seen the 1st film and sections of the others. I always saw it as one of those films that you would see as you entered the room where all your family were and walked straight out. But after going, I watched all of them (except the last 3 and half of one of the one before as our dvd was scratched…) in a marathon during the very start of the summer holidays.

So here are some pictures to show you just what it is like:




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